The advantages of exhibition

Acquisition of WFJ exhibition certification mark is possible

The WFJ Executive Committee is organized by a specialist on health foods and ingredients organized at industry, government and academia.
WFJ exhibitors can apply for WFJ certification marks for exhibited products in order to improve their brand awareness. After review by the executive committee, it becomes possible to acquire the WFJ certification mark.

Apply for free to the WFJ Awards

Entry to the largest WFJ award of health food / food related market can be done for free. (1 item)
By applying for an award, you can not only make a notice on the award special page or brochure, but also improve the brand power of the product with the award winning.

Provide industry networking education opportunities

As an event during the WFJ session, WFJ networking party will be held which is participated by exhibitors and inviting influential individual, permission to use of “Buyer negotiation lounge” where you can invite leading buyers to have individual business meeting, and free-to-attend simultaneous seminar, etc., you may can acquire personal connections and knowledge through this exhibition.