Space Only

The number of booth Price (per booth)
1-5 388,800*1
6-8 378,000*1
More than 11 356,400*1

*JPY10,800/booth will be discount for continuous exhibitors from 2017.

9 sqm. (3.0m x 3.0m) = 1 Booth


*A booth price is different depends on the number of booth you applied.

*If you have agents or distributors in Japan, the local price and benefit are subject to your booth fee.

Corner Space Charge

JPY 21,600*1 / corner*3

  • 2 booth

  • 2 booth

  • 3 booth

  • 4 booth

Rental Package Plan

Space only pan is not included basic panels. Please apply for Rental Package Plan or decorate your booth with your own booth constructor/designer. Rental Package Plan is available if you do not have own decorator.

Please contact to show Management office if you would like to receive more information.

Special Discount

JPY 32,400*1 / Booth*2

The discount preiod expires on March 31st, (Sat.), 2018

Corner Discount

JPY 21,600*1 / Corner*3

The discount preiod expires on March 31st, (Sat.), 2018

*1 All prices are included VAT.

*2 Space only

*3 Corner space will be applicable for applying more than 2 booths.