Exhibition Outline

Exhibition Title WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN 2019
Date JULY 3 [Wed] 4[Thu] 5[Fri], 2019
3 & 4: 10:00am-6:00pm
5: 10:00am-5:00pm
Organizer TSO International Inc.

Mission through WFJ

Improve the literacy of food, which is the center of the health industry.

Contribute to the development of delicious health food market that everyone feel with five senses.

Promote improvement of QOL of people through enjoyment of eating.


Features of WFJ

1,Organizational structure by industry-government-academia specialists in this industry

This show is planed exhibitions and seminars by building an executive committee system which consists of experts and influential individual who is supporting health through the health food industry and eating habitation.

2,Japan’s largest food specialty exhibition

Boasting the largest scale in Japan as a special exhibition where natural foods, health foods, supplements, health food products center at this show. Together with the simultaneous exhibition of cafe / restaurant exhibitions, more than 38,000 (expect) food buyers and experts gather from all over the world.

3,Expand its scale for 3 consecutive years from the first time of the exhibition

Every year, the number of exhibitors and the area scale have increased steadily. In Japan where population declines, the market related to [health food / ingredients] [making health through eating habitation] is one of the industries expected to increase significantly. Following the expectation of industrial growth, we will continue to expand reliably after the next time of 2019.

Concept map of WFJ aims for

WFJ concentrate the theme of “food” for making healthy body with growing demand all over the world. In recent years, the expectation for the “food ” is increasing more and more by through regional promotions and other promotions such as muscle upgrade and for the beauty and food habitation for anti-aging. WFJ will be held grandly as Japan’s only expert exhibition aiming at improving people’s QOL through food.

  • Making body

    strength up, diet, beauty

  • Delicious meal

    taste, smell,cooking method

  • Health promotion

    Anti-aging, Locomo (locomotive syndrome) prevention

  • Regional Promotion

    Regional Special Products,Sixth Dimension Industry

Food / ingredients specialty exhibition proposing health

Number of Exhibitors/Visitors

Exhibitor/Visitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

  • Healthy food・Supplement
  • Healthy food ingredients / materials
  • OEM/ODM service
  • Additive-free Food・ Natural food
  • Supper Food・Fruit
  • Health-based Oil・ Oil ingredients
  • Agricultural product・ Stock farm product
  • Food wrapping materials / facility

Business Meetings

  • Develop new customer
  • Consultation of product development / planning
  • Consultation of menu development
  • OEM/ODM order
  • Technical consultation / Select partner
  • Negotiation for number of lots, price and deadline

Visitor Profile

  • Retailers, distributors and wholesalers (Drugstore, GMS, Department store, Online store, etc)
  • Food-service industry
  • Food/Health food manufactures
  • Nursing Home・Hospital
  • School・Research institution
  • School meal・ Ready-made meal service
  • Registered dietitian・ Professional users
  • Person in charge of the above mentioned food development or purchase