Exhibition Outline

Exhibition Title Specialized Trade Show of Supplement, Functional Food and Natural Food for Healthy Life
Wellness Food Japan West
Date November 14[Wed.]・15[Thu.]・16[Fri.], 2018
Venue INTEX Osaka
Organizer TSO International Inc.
Admission fee 2,000 JPY


WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN WEST was launched as an important exhibition to carry “Healthy longevity society” to aim at the health maintenance of all people which is one of the important issue in government in Japan.

The new regulation related with “Foods with Function Claims”, started from June 2015, made the manufacturers easier to obtain the permission to display the specific effect of the health food to the body.

By these movements, scale of the health food market of Japan is more than 750 billion yen and it is expanding every year.
Japanese health food market continues to expand its scale and it is expected that the growth rate of the following markets will be favorable in a future.

  • Health promoting, anti-aging food and supplement for the medium or advanced age group
  • Food for detox, beauty, aging care and natural foods for woman
  • Food for health maintenance and for body development in the young group
  • Improvement of performance, recovery food, supplement by the sports and fitness boom
  • Supplement to improve performance or recovery related with sports and fitness boom

WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN WEST will be held for the first time in Osaka to provide a place for development of the food ingredients and material business by capturing the Japanese market situation precisely.

A health food market of Japan is the hottest in Asia and still have a room for the market expansion, and it is the perfect market to improve your branding with “Safety and Reliable” by taking root in Japanese market.

Let your business succeed by exhibiting to WELLNESS FOOD JAPAN WEST!!!

Number of Exhibitors/Visitors

Exhibitor/Visitor Profile

Exhibitor Profile

  • Healthy food・Supplement
  • Healthy food ingredients/materials
  • OEM/ODM service
  • Additive-free Food・ Natural food
  • Supper Food・Fruit
  • Health-based Oil・ Oil ingredients
  • Agricultural product・ Stock farm product
  • Food wrapping materials/facility

Business Meetings

  • Develop new customer
  • Consultation of product development/planning
  • Consultation of menu development
  • OEM/ODM order
  • Technical consultation/Select partner
  • Negotiation for number of lots, price and deadline

Visitor Profile

  • Retailers, distributors and wholesalers (Drugstore, GMS, Department store, Online store, etc)
  • Food-service industry
  • Food/Health food manufactures
  • Nursing Home・Hospital
  • School・Research institution
  • School meal・Ready-made meal service
  • Registered dietitian・ Professional users
  • Person in charge of the above mentioned food development or purchase